"l thought I would offer an update on my place which Ecotech sprayed two years ago. With the temp set at 21°C the most expensive gas we received this year was $78.00 ! We are looking at a $800 to $900 savings in 2010!

Great job, thanks !"

E. Canton



"The folks at Ecotech Insulation Solutions, were kind, courteous and very clean while insulating our renovation. They did what is a very messy job, without messing up the rest of our house - even remembering to wear their little "booties" as they crossed through the original property. A very fine job by a very fine bunch of fellows."

R. Dougan





"Your referrals are our reputation."




"We have had other experiences using spray foam companies before, but what a difference using ECOTECH Insulation. These guys know what they're doing and provided us with a level of professionalism that is unmatched. We are definately going to refer you guys to everyone we know."

"Great job !"

S. Turchet,


"The Ecotech crew sound insulated our voice over booth, and it does sound great ! Or I should say - you can't hear a thing ! It is super quiet when inside. Just the way it should be."

"Thanks for doing such a great job."

R. Diltz, President,
Radical Bob's Productions







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